Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that should address most of your inquires

Q: Does TAYARAN provide accommodation for the trainees?
A: TAYARAN has an agreement with King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) to provide affordable accommodation for the trainees in KAEC. The cost is NOT included in the tuition fees. Currently, TAYARAN does not provide accommodation in Riyadh.

Q: What is TAYARAN training cost for its Programs?
A: The cost of TAYARAN programs (which covers all training materials and uniforms):

  1. Foundation Year: USD17,600
    (25% discount for qualified self-paid students)
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program: USD65,000
    (10% discount for qualified self-paid students)
  3. Airplane (Fixed-Wing) Pilot (PPL and CPL): USD130,000
    (25% discount for qualified self-paid students)
  4. Airplane (Fixed-Wing) Pilot (PPL): USD25,000
  5. Airplane (Fixed-Wing) Pilot (CPL): USD72,500
  6. Helicopter (Rotary-Wing) Pilot: USD170,000
    (5% discount for qualified self-paid students)
  7. Other programs: depends on the structure of each program

Q: What are the payment methods?
A: TAYARAN has two payment methods:

  1. Full sponsorship/scholarship: The trainee is fully sponsored by a company or a government entity. The application and acceptance is done by the sponsoring companies and TAYARAN is not involved in this process.
  2. Self-paid: The trainee pays all program expenses including tuition fees, accommodation, etc. The qualified trainee can benefit from an interest-free loan provided by TAYARAN approved bank or can pay monthly instalments directly to TAYARAN.

Q: What are the program durations?
A: TAYARAN program durations are:

  1. Foundation Year: 9 months
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program: 18 months
  3. Pilot Program: 16-18 months
  4. Other programs: depends on the structure of each program

Q: Does TAYARAN require any English proficiency level?
A: As mentioned in the Admission page, to start the Technical programs, the applicant needs to provide a proof of obtaining a 5.0 score in IELTS exam, which is equivalent to scoring 83 in STEP exam provided by Qiyas. Scoring lower grades in these tests will require the applicant to attend TAYARAN’s Foundation Program to improve his/her English to the level required to succeed in the Technical program.

Q: What is the minimum age required to enroll in TAYARAN programs?
A: Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.

Q: How many actual flight training hours are required for graduation?
A: The flight training hours (including simulator) required for graduation, are as follows:

  • Private Pilot- Airplane and Helicopter, minimum is 35 hours
  • Commercial Pilot / Instrument – Airplane (w multi-engine), minimum is 155 hours
  • Commercial Pilot / Instrument – Helicopter, minimum is 150 hours

Q: Are the pilot licenses acceptable outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
A: At the successful completion of the program, the student will receive a PPL or CPL/instrument rating approved by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). License conversion will be subject to the pilot certification/licensing requirements of the country the pilot intends to work in.

Q: When does the applicant receive the final acceptance?
A: AMT applicants receive final acceptance after passing the personal interview.
Pilot applicants that successfully pass the personal interview are scheduled for a medical examination and must pass the pilot screening tests.

Q: Upon completion of the flight program, does TAYARAN Academy guarantee employment with airlines or other entities?
A: Sponsored trainees will join their sponsoring company, airline, or government entity at the end of the training program. Self-paid trainees will have to apply for jobs themselves. TAYARAN will support market and promote its self-paid graduates and has a team dedicated to this function.

Q: What is the possibility of accepting non-Saudi Arabia residents?
A: We currently accept students from all nationalities as long as they have residency in Saudi Arabia with valid Iqama.

Q: Why is a medical examination required? And who is authorized to do it?
A: The medical examination is required to confirm the general health of the applicant, and their physical ability to become a pilot. The medical examination must be performed by a GACA authorized Aviation Medical Examiner.

Q: Will I receive my GACA A&P Certificate after completing the program?
A: After completing the program successfully, you will receive a Record of Results, which covers the theoretical and practical subjects. The GACA A&P certificate will require passing the written and practical exams set by GACA inspectors.

Q: What are the types of pilot licenses offered at the end of the program?
A: For airplane pilot programs:
Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a pilot certificate, issued by GACA, for:

  • Private Pilot Certificate-Airplane
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate-Airplane
  • Instrument Rating-Airplane
  • Multi-Engine Rating

For helicopter pilot programs:
Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a pilot certificate, issued by GACA, for:

  • Private Pilot Certificate-Helicopter
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate-Helicopter
  • Instrument Rating-Helicopter

Q: What is the daily class schedule? Is there a night shift?
A: TAYARAN training schedule starts at 8:00am and ends at 4:00pm, Sunday through Thursday. We don’t yet have a night shift.

Q: Does TAYARAN recognize other training schools’ credits?
A: This is subject to review.

Q: What is expected in the final acceptance interview?
A: The final interview is to determine applicant suitability. The applicant will be evaluated on professionalism, appearance, spoken English, and other areas.

Q: At the end of the program, does the student receive a graduation certificate?
A: Upon successful completion of the enrolled program, the graduate will receive a certificate confirming graduation from the course of instruction. In addition, students in the pilot program will receive GACA-issued pilot certificates, as appropriate.

Q: How much is the application fee and is it refundable in case the applicant was not accepted?
A: Application fee is $120 and not refundable as they are paid to cover application screening and administrative process.

Q: Where does TAYARAN conduct its training
A: TAYARAN has two training locations. One is at King Abdullah Economic City (Rabigh) which offers Foundation Year and Aviation Maintenance Technician programs. The second is at Thumamah Airport (Riyadh) which offers Pilot Training program only.

Q: Is it a must for trainees who are fluent in English to attend the foundation year?
A: Trainees who score 5.0 in IELTS or 83 in STEP are exempted from the Foundation Year. Trainees without mentioned scores shall take TAYARAN’s placement test to ensure foundation year entry level is met.

Q: Does the academy offer online learning programs?
A: Currently, we don’t offer online programs.

Q: To apply for TAYARAN programs, does the applicant need extra certificates other than the high school/secondary school certificate?
A: No. High school/secondary school certificate is the minimum requirement.