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About Us

TAYARAN was established with the objective of providing professional Ab Initio Pilot, Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training programs as well as certification programs as needed to support both the civil and military aviation needs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our mission, our vision and our values

TAYARAN pledges to have educational staff and programs that focus on educating students at the highest levels and international standards, graduating its students with high-quality qualifications that support the aviation industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide.
Our core values are based on:
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Our Programs

TAYARAN provides challenging and advanced training to its trainees in all programs: pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians and special programs, in line with the international standards of the aviation industry and This training can be successfully completed within a maximum of three years; starting from the foundation year to the end of the technical training program.

The Foundation Program

This program is designed to prepare our students to start their technical program and focus on English and math skills.

Fixed-Wing Program

This is the standard and approved GACA 141 school for ab initio flight training for fixed-wing pilots.

Helicopter Program (Soon)

This is the standard and approved GACA 141 school for ab initio flight training for rotary-wing pilots.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training AMT

This program provides a GACA 147 approved aircraft maintenance technician training.

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